Darkening of the faculties

A dark night of the soul is sometimes described to include a darkening of the faculties – a dampening of the will, intellect and perhaps even morals.

Since I have done the Christ meditation the last few days, I am again more aware of a peculiarity I have noticed for a while.

It’s as if the body from the heart down is light (lightness + light), and from the heart up there is still lightness but it’s also dampened, darker and obscured.

I also notice there is a clear “no” to invite light into this area. I assume it dampened so a needed process can take place with less interference from the personal will and intellect.


– darkening of the faculties – will, intellect, morals
– also – light (lightness + light) from heart down, and darker up, especially head (dark light, obscured, even in direct experience)
– christ meditation, notice this (and clear “no” to visualize or invite light into the darker/obscured head/neck/upper chest area)
– also, a bit more activity on crown area the last few weeks, more aliveness

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