Madness and wilderness

Madness and wilderness has been on my mind lately.

I see that one of my survival strategies is to understand and regulate (aka control). That too is innocent and from love.

So what about madness and wilderness?

Madness is something we all have in us, and partly operate from. In a sense, any identification is madness. It’s in conflict with reality. It’s stressful. It makes us forget ourselves as love. From clarity and love, identified mind may appear (innocently) mad. And sometimes, what comes from kindness and clarity may appear mad to identified mind.

Wilderness is what reality is, in the sense of being unbound by any of our ideas of it. It’s inherently free from any of our assumptions, expectations and shoulds. The future is unchartered. The present is uncharted too, if I am honest. I may have ideas about it, but they are ideas and not “it”. Reality is wilderness, unbound. What’s here is uncharted and unbound.

The mad and the wild has often been pushed aside and made unwanted, in myself and in my culture. So why not find love for it? Why not find love for the mad and the wild, and for the parts of me that wants to fix and tame it? How is it to be a loving presence for that too?


– madness – find love for, embrace, allow it to teach me, open up something for me (open up love, open up understanding, open up humility)
– wilderness – the unknown, uncharted, future always uncharted, and even present is if i am honest, uncharted by me, by traditions, by teachers….. brings it all back to me

– love for madness, and the part that wants to fix it
– love for wilderness, and the part that wants to tame it (even if it’s just the appearance of it)



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