Real but not true

Tsoknyi Rinpoche talks about the difference between real and true. Something can be real, to us, but not true.

My perception of the world is real to me. My interpretations, assumptions and labels are real to me, if they are not questioned. And they appear especially real when they trigger and get combined with emotions. I may even live as if they are true.

And yet, these assumptions and labels may not be true. They may not be true in a conventional and ordinary sense. And even if they are, the underlying assumptions may not be true.

For instance, I keep waking up with a sense of doom these days. It feels real. And when I examine it, I find words, images and sensations. Words are recognized as words, images as images, sensations as sensations. I see that the images of a certain future is not the actual future. The words about the future is not the actual future. The sensations that appears to lend reality to these words and images are sensations. I cannot find doom. I cannot find an actual future. I cannot find a specific future.

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