Recurrent childhood dream: Witch

I am climbing the ladder up to the attic. As I reach the attic and look around, the ladder and floor disappear. I fall down through darkness. After a while, I see a cauldron and a witch looking up at me, grinning. I wake up.

This was one of my recurrent childhood dreams.

Some ways I can explore this:

I wish you love. I wish you ease. (To the witch, and myself in the dream.)

Tonglen. Ho’oponopono. (To the witch, and myself.)

Inquiry on my thoughts about her and the situation. (She is evil. I will die. Something terrible is happening.)

The Living Inquiries on the situation. (UI on her, me, the cauldron, death, fear. AI. CI.)

Active Imagination. Asking her who she is, what she can show me. What wisdom she brings.

Since she is a witch, I wonder if she represents parts of my mother. Perhaps something unhealed, especially at an emotional level, in her. I can include her too in this exploration.

Some thoughts about this:

As a child, I didn’t feel as connected with my mother as I would have liked. She nagged my father, and he didn’t stand up for himself. (As far as I could see.) I wanted to protect him, and change the situation, and spoke up about it a couple of times as a child. But both of my parents turned against me. (They also denied that anything was happening, and put it all on me.) It made me feel helpless and hopeless.

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