Rupert Spira: First we imagine an ego

First we imagine an ego,
then defend it,
then express it,
then fulfill it,
then try to get rid of it,
then welcome it,
then understand it,
and finally see
that it was non-existent all along.
– Rupert Spira

I like this quote very much. It neatly sums up the facets of the process.

And as with any map, reality is often a bit more messy and not quite as ordered.

In this blog, I sometimes explore the last three – the welcoming, the understanding, and seeing through it.

The understanding includes seeing it’s innocent and from confused love, and also how it’s created. And the seeing through it involves seeing even more thoroughly how it’s created. As the mystique goes out of it, the identification softens and may even fall away. Although that’s grace. What “I” can do is welcome, understand and see through it. And it’s up to life to do the rest, if anything.

I am also reminded that the word “ego” is used in a psychological sense, as the “operating system” for our human self. This ego is essential for the functioning of our human self, and it can be more or less healthy, developed and mature. The word “ego” can also be used in a spiritual sense, as the apparent I and me that’s either identified with or not, and that’s mostly what Rupert Spira talks about here.

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