Stubbornness on a spiritual path has come up in a couple of conversations today.

At first glance, there may be a helpful and a less helpful form of being stubborn.

One is to be tenacious, an inner unstoppable drive to…. come home, align with reality and love, live from love, give our life over to the divine, or whatever other form it takes. This seems to be a helpful form of stubbornness.

Another is being stubborn in holding onto what doesn’t work….. identities, fears, unhelpful patterns, and so on. This seems less helpful.

And yet, even the second form of stubbornness is part of the path for most of us, to some extent. That too gives us experiences to learn from. That too is something to see through, and find love for.


– stubborn (a) tenacious, drive to align with reality/love etc. (helpful), (b) stubborn in holding onto what doesn’t work (not so helpful)

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