The simplest surrender may be a surrender to what’s here.

This can happen through……

A guided meditation, similar to what Adyashanti often does.

Noticing what’s here is already allowed. Notice the “surrender” is already here.

Asking for support in surrendering to what’s here. Asking for guidance. (Asking life and Spirit. Asking people who may offer helpful pointers.)

Inquire into our assumptions about what’s here, including words, images and sensations. What do I find when I inquire into stressful assumptions?

Inquire into fears about what may happen if we surrender to what’s here, including apparently unpleasant sensations.

Feeling sensations as sensations, with the support of inquiry into associated words and images.

When I wrote “notice the surrender is already here” I meant that what’s here, including apparent resistance, struggle and escape, is already allowed. It’s already allowed by life. The surrender is already here. And most of the time, for most of us, it’s not noticed.


– noticing all is allowed as is, surrender to what’s here
– notice fears – images and words, inquire


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