Transcendence vs embodied

This is what many talk about these days, but it may still be worth a quick mentioning:

The initial awakening or opening is usually a transcendence. The center of gravity shifts from the human self to Big Mind/Heart (Buddha Mind, Spirit etc.), and it also seems that many of the old patterns of the human self goes dormant for a while. This may last from a few seconds or minutes to years or even decades. (10+ years for me.) And some portion of the old human patterns may heal and reorganize through this, again with a wide range from very little to a moderate amount to a great deal. (A moderate amount for me.)

Then, the rest of the human self wants to join in. The parts of the human self not yet aligned with love and clarity surface to align, and this includes wounds, trauma, and any other patterns formed through beliefs and identifications. Again, there is a wide range in how this is experienced. It can take a short or long time, and it can be easy or tremendously difficult. How it plays itself out may depend on degree and intensity of what’s left, how deep and thorough the process is, and how much struggle there is to this healing process.

To use the vehicle analogy: During transcendence, it’s as if the vehicle is magically and in a flash transformed into something shiny and amazing. Then, the vehicle is revealed as its old self again, more or less, with a lot of work to do. And the vehicle is gradually refurbished and tuned up, and this does involve a sense of work. (It’s really life working on this vehicle, mostly hidden from conscious awareness, and sometimes in conscious awareness through what we take as “me”. The latter may be most helpful when the work is aimed at “getting out of the way” of the former.)



– transcendence – shifting to another layer, into big mind/heart etc., leaving the human much as it was/is
– embodied – reorganization of the human…. healing, maturing, aligning with love and clarity


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