Why bad things happen

This isn’t the most interesting question to me, but I sometimes read about people who have the question “why does bad thing happen” or “why does God allow bad things to happen?”.

Some things that come to mind:

Human ideas are human ideas, they are an overlay of interpretations and assumptions. “Good” and “bad” are included in this overlay of assumptions and interpretations.

It’s all lila, the play of Spirit (God, awakeness, love). It’s God exploring, expressing and experiencing itself in myriad of ways, including through what humans may label “good” and “bad”.

And some from a more limited perspective:

We don’t know the bigger picture. Who are we to say what’s “good” or “bad”?

What happens is a support for our growth, an invitation to learn about being human and life, and meet whatever is here – including ourselves and others – with love.

If we are a soul, then the soul is not really touched by human experiences. It’s still love, even if it’s covered up at times.

If we have many lives, it’s likely that we get to live a wide range of experiences, roles and situations. We all get to experience every one of the universal human experiences.


– human ideas, good-bad, overlay of interpretation, assumptions
– also, all lila, play within spirit
– can, more limited, can also say, (a) human soul, not touched by it, (b) each soul innumerable lives, get to experience everything (both sides of all polarities), (c) support for our growth etc., (d) don’t know the bigger picture, what’s really “good” or “bad”.



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