Wounds and trauma

What is a wound, or trauma?

As far as I can tell, a wound or trauma is created through identification, beliefs and velcro. It’s created and maintained by taking hurtful stories to be true, sometimes even without being consciously aware of it. And it’s really created here and now, and can be loved and seen through here and now.

Finding love for these wounds in us can be deeply healing. And so can seeing through how the wounds are created in my mind (Living Inquiry) and seeing through the stories creating the wounds (The Work).

The love is a love for the wound as it is, without it needing to change. And we can find that love in different ways. One way to find love for the wound is from recognizing that the wound is created innocently, as a way to protect the imagined self, and is from confused love. Another is through heart-centered activities such as tonglen, ho’oponopono, tonglen, Heart Prayer, and prayer in general. Yet another is through inquiry. For instance, is it true it’s unloved by life?

And inquiry is a seeing of what’s there, again allowing it to be exactly as it is.

In both cases, any relief, release or healing is secondary and a possible side-effect. And any desire or wish for healing or resolution can also be met with love and inquiry. How is it to find love for this part of me that wishes for resolution and healing? What do I find when I explore how that part is created in my mind, and investigate the beliefs behind it?

In addition to the love (heart) and inquiry (head) aspects of this, there is the feeling (belly) aspect. Loving and inquiring into wounds include feeling it. And again, it’s a feeling of it as it is, without it needing to change. How is it to feel it? Drop into it? Feeling it as if it’s feeling itself? Is there any fear coming up around feeling it? How is it to feel that too, as it is? (And perhaps find love for it, and inquire into it?)


– identification, beliefs, velcro
– taking hurtful stories to be true – creates and maintains the wound (creates it here and now)


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