Finding brokenness

I have had the thought I am broken come up recently, and see that I also have images of myself reflecting this thought.

As I went for my walk this morning, I felt the sensations of brokenness, noticed some of the images, and also the word “broken”.

If there is actual brokenness here, if I am broken, I should be able to find it.

Feel the brokenness. Feel the sensations. Take time with it. See if you can feel it without images and words connected with it. Is that sensation broken?

Look at the image of brokenness. Look at the lines, colors, shapes. Is that image broken? (Is there another image of brokenness, or of you being broken? Look at it. Is that image broken?)

Look at the word “broken”. Is that word broken? (Look at the words “I am broken”. Are those words broken?)

It’s quite amazing to see that neither of these are broken. When I look for brokenness in immediacy, when I look at what seems the most broken, I cannot actually find it.

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