Finding meaning

With the Living Inquiries, it can be interesting and illuminating to look for meaning.

For instance, what gives a particular word meaning? What images or sensations seem “stuck” to it?

What gives an image meaning? What words or sensations come up with it?

What gives a sensation meaning? What images and words are here, associated with it?

This is something that is relatively far from conventional views. It may seem obvious that a word, image or even sensation has meaning. And yet, meaning is created from words, images and sensations “stuck” together, and it’s possible to take a closer look at this, and invite it to unstick. A word is a word. An image an image. A sensation a sensation.

We can still use all of these in a practical way, to help us navigate in the world and communicate. We can hold them lightly. We can see how meaning is created, while also using meaning in a simple and practical way. It all feels more transparent.


– what gives a word meaning? (what images, sensations “stuck” to it)
– what gives an image meaning? (words, sensations)
– what gives sensations meaning? (images, words)


As long as any particular conglomerate of words, images and sensations is unexamined, it will feel very real and solid. The appearance created seems to just be true.

And as it it examined, the glue

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