Jeff Foster: Buddhas Next Door

Some of the greatest therapists and healers I’ve ever known have no diplomas, no qualifications, no letters after their names. They have written no books, and you won’t find them being interviewed on TV chat shows. But they are so effortlessly compassionate, able to listen deeply without prejudice, willing to hold the most intense energies in their unshakeable presence. With their loving attention, the unacceptable can move into a space of acceptance, traumatic material can re-emerge without shame, the darkness can come into the light, be felt fully and integrated in a space of safety and kinship, without fear. They are as comfortable with silence as they are with the most heart-breaking personal stories. There is no sense of “I am the expert with all the answers”, no image of themselves as the great saviours of mankind or enlightened gurus. These unknown, undiscovered Buddhas are the therapists and teachers of the future, humanity’s hope, and they may not even know it.

–  Jeff Foster

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