Joey Lott: The Best Thing That Never Happened

Finally, maybe you can discover that there is nothing virtuous about awakening to the simplicity of being. Rather, it’s just the dawning of sanity. It’s just the recognition that you cannot actually find anything separate and that all there is, is this, whatever is happening right now. And since there is nothing separate, there is no possibility of escape. There is no possibility of avoiding your own experience.

– Joey Lott in The Best Thing That Never Happened, p. 57.

I am reading Joey Lott‘s The Best Thing That Never Happened, and enjoy it very much.

He writes in a refreshingly simple, clear and ordinary way about living a life where reality has awakened to itself.

I would definitely recommend this book as essential reading for anyone interested in the topic, along with books by Adyashanti and a few others.

I am also reminded that any writing on this topic is helpful if held lightly, and taken as pointers for own investigation. And they may be less helpful if held tightly and taken as more solid and real. (He would probably be the first to agree.)


He writes in a very simple, clear and ordinary way about the ordinariness of awakening to reality.

I also notice how even the words he uses (and I use here) can be helpful if they are held lightly and used as pointers, and less helpful if held tightly and taken as solid and real.


He writes in a very simple, ordinary and grounded way about what’s here waking up to itself, as it is.

I notice I really enjoy the simplicity and clarity of it. It cuts through a lot of imaginations that the mind can come up with.

And yet, there is of course both less and more to it. It’s simpler. And it’s richer.


At the same time, there is something else to be said about his writing. For instance, he says that oneness is not a story, it’s what is. That’s true if oneness is used as a pointer for own investigation, or is used as a word to describe own immediate recognition.

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