I have had misophonia since I was quite small.

I remember visiting my aunt and cousin, and having to eat at a separate table because I could stand listening to my cousin (whom I liked and like very much) eating with her mouth open….!

It’s only recently that I learned it even had a name, and I just downloaded Joey Lott’s book How I solved my Sound Sensitivity Problem. (Haven’t read it yet.)

Here are some things that I have found helped, and I am still exploring these…..

Using the Living Inquiries to see if I can find…..

A boundary between me and the sound (or the source of the sound). F.ex. look at the image of a boundary. Can it separate anything?  Feel the sensations associated with the boundary. Can those sensations separate anything? Are they a real boundary?

A threat. A threatened one.

Sound. Annoyance. Discomfort. Misophonia.

Also, with the help of inquiry, feel sensations as sensations, when they come up apparently triggered by a sound.

Find love for the part of me that’s distressed. Seeing it’s here to protect the imagined self. It comes from love.

Releasing tension around it through neurogenic tremors, while bringing stressful sound-related situations to mind. (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises.)

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