Spiritual statements

There is nothing wrong with the mind “landing” somewhere – on an idea.

It may be painful. It may be out of alignment with reality. It may be from unexamined fear. It may be from trying to protect the imagined self. It may be from love.

It may distract from the validity of the reversals of the initial idea, and that an idea is a pointer and not an absolute or final truth.

And there is nothing wrong with it.

And yet, at some point, we may be drawn to examine it.

One set of ideas the mind can “land” on are spiritual statements. It’s the usual ones many of us are familiar with….

It’s all one. It’s all awareness. All is Spirit. All is love.

There is no-one here. No ideas are true.

Life is just happening. There is no doer. There is no observer.

In the world but not of it.

And so on.

These too can be a landing place for the mind. Held as real and true. Held as “how it is”. And that too may be out of fear, and a wish to protect the imagined (“non-existent”!) self, and out of love.

And these too can be examined to see what’s there. Can I find awareness? (As an object, a thing?) Can I find Spirit? Can I find love? Can I find a thought? Can I find an identity? Can I find identification? Can I find life? Can I find “no observer”? Can I find these when I try to find them?


– spiritual statements
— used to find a sense of safety
— deny the validity in the reversal, and other facets
— out of fear, wishing to protect the imagined self, out of love


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