Caught in the drama vs. feeling the sensations as sensations

It’s possible to be caught in drama, and still think “I am feeling the feelings”.

When I am caught in the drama, I am caught in stories (triggering the emotions, and about what it means), and fuel the drama. There is a turmoil here, which a thought may say is “feeling the feelings”. And yet, being caught in the stories draws attention away from noticing the images as images and words as words, and feeling the sensations as sensations. This tends to fuel the drama, and keeps it going.

The other approach is to look at the images as images, words as words, and feeling the sensations as sensations. (One at a time, taking time with each.) This has a much more neutral and sober quality, and there is a gentle curiosity there. This tends to defuse the drama, removes the “fuel” for the drama, and reveals what’s really here.


– caught in the drama of stories + emotions (“indulging”), tend to fuel the stories/drama, reinforce
– vs looking at the stories + feeling sensations as sensations (more neutral, sober)

– “feeling” emotions can be fueling stories (triggering the emotions + about the emotions, what it means), getting caught in the drama (a thought may say this is feeling the emotions, while it really is just fueling the drama, the unquestioned stories)



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