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A friend of mine pulled this card for me over Skype. I feel it’s very appropriate for me now.

During the “collapse” I have experienced over the last 4-5 years (aka the dark night of the soul, following illumination), there has also been a collapse of dignity.

It seems that the many strengths in me that mind identified with during the previous phase, went away or turned into their opposites.

Passion gave way to flatness. Energy to fatigue. Clarity to dullness. Confidence to its absence. A stable life to major transitions. And, yes, dignity went away too.

So dignity is one of the medicines that seem very appropriate for me now. It’s a way “back” to myself – as a human being, soul and Spirit.

I am not sure how much to go into details here. I can say that one way I wish to refind my dignity is through taking responsibility for my own life, and my own choices. (Instead of fueling the victim mode, hopelessness, blame etc.) Another is to honor and follow my guidance more consistently. And yet another is through living with dignity in how I relate to people in my life.

Note: The card is one of the Virtues Cards from the Virtues Project.

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