Scott Kiloby: Contraction: Thank You for Arising, I Love You, You Are Welcome to Stay

Why was it helpful?  If you showed unconditional love to a friend who showed up at your door, wouldn’t your attitude be, “Thank you for coming, I love you, you are welcome to stay?” Anything else is resistance. And what we resist, persists.

– Scott Kiloby from Contraction: Thank You For Arising, I love You, You are Welcome to Stay

There is a lot to say about this, although what’s important is to explore this in one’s own experience, in a very simple and straight forward way.

When I say “you are welcome here” and the rest (“I love you”, or also “thank you for protecting me”, “thank you for your love for me”)…….

I get to see what in me is afraid of this, and I can meet that part of me with welcome and love as well.

There is a more conscious alignment with what is. What’s here – any discomfort, pain, emotion, thought, experience – is already allowed. It’s already welcomed by life and presence.

Saying “thank you for protecting me”, “thank you for your love for me” comes from curiosity. Is it here to protect me? Does it come from love? (And I get to see that any reactions me – including discomfort, pain, sadness, anger, fatigue, brain fog etc. – is here to protect the image of me, the imagined me.)

As with any basic and perennial practice, it’s a stepping stone, an exploration, a curiosity. It’s a move in the direction of noticing and living what’s already here, and is very simple, ordinary and natural.

3 thoughts to “Scott Kiloby: Contraction: Thank You for Arising, I Love You, You Are Welcome to Stay”

  1. Does this work for women whom experience ongoing Domestic Violence even though they are separated and living in their own dwelling. How does this work with saying ‘thank you for protecting me’, when you are still being violated. I am curious about this.

  2. If you are being violated, you’ll need to take care of that first. (Go to the police, get help wherever you can get it to get out of the situation.) This approach is meant to be used in addition to, and usually after, you have taken care of yourself in a kind and ordinary way. It’s meant to be for you to heal.

  3. Maybe people need to education themselves a little further, as the comment said women are removed from the from the physical environment, and yes go to the police, although they are still experiencing Domestic Violence, either because they have children together, or their partner is obsessed. YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE THE NEWS OR PERHAPS BE AWARE OF THE STATICS.
    Yes, I’m not stupid as for the purpose of the exercise.

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