We get to meet the feelings that we’ve not yet truly felt

This work isn’t about reducing our experience to ‘just’ words, images or sensations. It isn’t reductionist or minimizing, and it’s certainly not about getting rid of anything. Rather, it’s about looking at what we’ve taken to be the case, and discovering all the previously unconscious associations and meaning that we’ve ascribed to words, images and sensations. In this process, we also get to really look at the words and images that we’ve been avoiding, and we get to fully meet the feelings that we’ve not yet truly felt. Finding comes before unfinding. It’s about bringing the unseen and unfelt into the light of awareness.

As we continue looking, we seem to penetrate more deeply into the patterns and beliefs of the personality. This can be very uncomfortable territory; we’ve spent a lifetime avoiding the pain that lies at the heart of these patterns and beliefs. However, if we can allow ourselves to really let our body answer the questions, we get to finally feel the pain and all that comes with it. And that is truly liberating.

– from the Living Inquiry website

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