Fascination with internet

The current fascination with the internet is very understandable, from a couple of different perspectives.

From an evolutionary perspective, a curiosity and fascination with what’s new and information is valuable for survival. It helps us familiarize ourselves with what’s new, and we gain information about the world. (The newness factor is rapidly falling away, but the info factor is still there and will continue to be there.)

From a larger perspective, it’s life (Earth, the Universe) familiarizing itself with itself, through us… it’s local eyes, ears, feelings and intellect. We are the universe experiencing and exploring itself, and bringing itself into awareness. (As it does through any sentient beings, part of this living planet and – most likely – other places in the universe.)

It’s common for the older generations to frown upon the “fads” of the younger generations, and that has happened with the internet too. But those days are already almost over, as those who grew up with the internet now are having their own children, and the internet has become an ordinary part of daily life for even the older ones. What’s new becomes ordinary, and we find a more balanced relationship with it. And it is quite amazing, this tool that connects people around the world (at least those more affluent…..) and allows us access to a great deal of information created by people around the world and throughout history.


– evolutionary perspective – curiosity about the new + info, both valuable for survival (familiarize with the new + gain info about the world)
– larger perspective – life/Earth/universe familiarizing itself with itself, through us (its local eyes, ears, feelings etc.)

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