Finding before unfinding

Earlier today, I mentioned to an inquiry friend that I see a belief in me that I need to be saved by a woman. She asked from what? and I realize I didn’t quite know.

Here are some things I find. I need to be saved from…..

This feeling of unease or discomfort.

Feeling unloved and unlovable.

Feeling not enough.

Feeling alone.

This is a reminder that first I find, then I can unfind.

First, I find what appears to be here…. a real threat, a real deficient self, or anything else.

Then, I can see what’s really here. What do I find? Can I find it outside of words, images and sensations?

Note: The beliefs I write about here have a few things in common. They are often a variation of an universal theme. They are not necessarily very strong. And they are not always noticeable. They come up now and then, in varying degrees of intensity, and most of us know them from our own life.


– I need to be saved by a woman
– from what?
– find, before unfinding
– see what appears to be there, as a child
– then see what’s really there

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