I have written about this too before:

My inner guidance – the still small voice, my heart – is quiet, simple and has a quiet certainty. It doesn’t argue and is absent of fear.

My shoulds are quite different. They do argue. They come from and with fear.

And sometimes, the shoulds react to the inner guidance. A part of me fears what it would mean to follow the guidance. It assumes something terrible will happen.

So I can then meet this fear – this part of me that wants what’s best for me and comes from innocence and love, and also is slightly misguided – with a gentle understanding and love.

I can also remind me that when I follow my inner guidance, it feels deeply right and even if things may be challenging at times, it still feels deeply right. When I don’t, it feels deeply wrong and even if apparently desirable things happen, they are just a surface on top of this deeper sense of wrongness. Also, when I follow my guidance – and especially on a larger life decision – things tend to fall into place for me. And when I don’t, things tend to fall apart and go wrong.

P.S. Another way to explore this is by imagining a scenario and notice how my body responds. Does it relax? Does it feel tense? If it relaxes, it may be because something in me knows it’s a good option for me. If it is tense, it may be because it’s not.


– ask, visualize myself in the situation
– notice how body responds, relaxed/alive = yes, contracted = no (esp. after velcro/beliefs have softened/fallen away)
– inner guidance is quiet, simple, gives no reasons, here and now
– beliefs/velcro comes from fear, is noisy, agitated, gives reasons, part of a plan/strategy etc.


– inner guidance, quiet, simple
– beliefs/velcro = fear, drama, reasons etc.
– one way: check in w body (relaxed, ease or tense, contracted)

A simple way to access inner guidance:


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