Taking care of gums and teeth

I have done some reading on what I can do to take care of my gums and teeth, and here are some brief pointers:

Brushing etc. (nothing here is very unusual).

Brush well. (I sometimes use a Sonicare brush which is good for gums and teeth.)

Use remineralizing toothpaste (calcium bentonite clay can be used).

Floss + clean the tongue.

Rinse with salt water after meals.

Diet and supplements.

Eat well and enough to get the metabolism up. (Butter, coconut oil and more is good here.)

Get enough vitamin A, D3 and K2. (Helps gum and teeth health and recovery.)

Bone broth, gelatin etc.

And possibly… oil swishing (ayruvedic).

I have found Joey Lott’s book How I Healed My Teeth Eating Sugar very helpful.

The nice thing about these pointers is that they are simple, they align with the “official” advice, they fit with our evolutionary history (often a good check), and they help improve health in general. And they may not only help maintain and improve gum and teeth health, but can possibly also help “repair” existing problems.

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