Some folks talk about geoengineering “solutions” to climate change, and I am baffled that this – or at least the approaches I have seen discussed – is even a topic.

Earth is an immensely complex living system. Any geoengineering strategy is likely to have effects we cannot predict, and some of these may be major and catastrophic. They are likely to create as many or more problems than they “solve”.

Why chose these solutions, when there are so many others that are safe and we know work well? We already have the solutions. What we need is the public and political will to implement them.

Of course, there are some answers to the question of why this is even a topic. The ones promoting geoengineering strategies may use an old fashioned engineering mindset, which is “blind” to the immense complexity of the living Earth. They may attempt to side-track the public conversation on the topic (for financial reasons), for instance away from limiting use of petroleum and coal. They may wish to funnel public money into expensive (and flawed) projects for financial gain.



– geoengineering
– example of crackpot solutions – don’t understand living systems, an engineer’s solution, sidetrack, perhaps attempt to funnel money into expensive (and flawed) projects for financial gain


Geoeng – a distraction, misguided
Machine, buttons don’t know what do
Many good and safe solutions

, and I am baffled that it’s even a topic

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