Some say “greed” is the cause of our current ecological problems.

That may be a tiny part of the answer, but not the most helpful one, and perhaps also not the most important one.

Another answer is that we have a system – in our economy, transportation, energy, production and more – that does not take ecological realities into account. It’s a system that made sense when it was created, and no longer makes much sense. It’s also a system where what’s easy and attractive in short term is destructive of our life support system, for regional and global ecosystems, for nonhuman species, for future generations, and ultimately for ourselves.

The answer is simple. We need to redesign our systems so what’s easy and attractive to do is not only good for ourselves and our families, but also for our wider social and ecological systems. We know how to do it. We have the solutions. What we are lacking, so far, is the sense of urgency needed to actually make it happen.

That urgency will come. And the work that’s done today – both theoretically and practically – in creating solutions and a new way of organizing ourselves is vital. It’s what the new system will (or may) grow out of.


– some say “greed” as reason for unsustainable society
– only one small facet, other reasons more important (and place cause inside people + unchangeable, gives a sense of hopelessness)
– more important, systems not aligned with ecological realities (created generations ago, and made sense then – shortage of human resources, surplus of natural resources)
– so can redesign systems so that what’s easy and attractive to do is also good at all levels (individuals, families, social systems, ecosystems, Earth as a whole, future generations)
– work with how humans work, so the lazy solution is the good one


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