A couple of things about hope:

Hope, in a conventional sense, is often (a) images and words, (b) associated with sensations, (c) which makes it appear real and solid, as if it’s about a real future. It rests on an experience of time and the future as real and “out there” somewhere, and what’s imagined in that future as real as well.

There is another form of hope. It’s when we see that future and what may be in the future – to me – is created by images, words and sensations, and I cannot find it outside of these. And also when the ways I stop myself as recognized in a similar way. That gives a sense of curiosity, openness, interest and a quiet natural confidence.


– (a) hope – an image/words + sensations, if unexplored may take as solid, real, a real future
– (b) see what’s here + curiosity, openness, interest (less stopping myself through unquestioned/unloved fears, beliefs, wounds, trauma, identities)

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