Is it stopping me?

This morning I had a sense that something was stopping me from doing what I had planned (answering emails, scheduling etc.).

Whatever stopped me seemed real, although also nebulous.

As I examined words, images and sensations that appeared to stop me, I asked myself is it stopping me?

Look at the word “resistance”. Is it stopping me? What about “Fatigue”? “Brain fog”?

Feel the sensation in the head. Is it stopping me? What about the sensation in the chest and belly?

Look at that image of brain fog. Is it stopping me? What about the image of the energy in my chest and belly?

And so on. As I kept looking, feeling and asking myself this question, I realized that what initially looked real, solid and stopping me was really words, images and sensations, and none of these seemed capable to stop me. This softened my whole experience. It reduced the sense of struggle, and it was easier to rest with (and is) my experience.

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