Love is the answer

Love is the answer.

At least at a certain phase in the process, and to certain questions.

What am I? What’s the meaning of life?

How do I heal? How do I deal with pain and discomfort?

What am I really looking for? How do I find it? 

To all these, love is one – and perhaps the main – answer.

And this is the quiet simple love for what’s here. Meeting what’s here – this experience – with a quiet presence and love. Perhaps aided, for a while, by practices such as loving kindness, tonglen, ho’oponopono, the Heart Prayer, Christ meditation, holding satsang with what’s here, and more.


– love is the answer
– at a certain phase, to certain questions
– what am I? what’s the meaning of life? how do I heal? how do I find what I am looking for?

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