We are trained to think that some things are mine, including emotions, discomfort, joy, insights, and – more basically – images, words, and sensations, and it may seem true. We may believe a thought saying that’s how it is. Sensations that appear “stuck” on the words and images making up the “mine” thought, making it appear solid and real, and also creates a sense of like or dislike, and a charge.

And yet, is it true? Can I know for sure? Can I find evidence for it, outside of words, images and sensations? What do I find when I examine the words, images and sensations associated with the “mine” experience? (It can be helpful to examine what appears the most obviously “mine” in immediate experience.)

If it isn’t mine, who or what does it belong to then? Perhaps life? Perhaps none? Perhaps I don’t really know?

How is it to live when the initial stories are thoroughly questioned, or the velcro (charge) has gone out of it? How is life the same? Different?


– something is here, and a thought says “it’s mine”…. it’s my thought, emotion, discomfort, joy, insight etc. – and it may seem real, true
– and yet, what do I find when I examine it more closely?


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