Samsara is nirvana

Samsara is nirvana.

Here is one way look at it:

Samsara can be seen as beliefs, velcro, identifications.

That too is awareness, it happens within and as awareness and love. (It’s what we are.)

Also, in an ordinary sense, it’s there to protect the imagined self. It comes from love.

In that way, what appears as delusion – and sometimes is expressed as hatred, greed, confusion and more – is already awareness and love, and it’s also love in a conventional sense.

Samsara is nirvana.

As I see this in myself, I begin to recognize it in others. My experience of myself and others shift.

And that doesn’t mean that it’s kind to allow unkind behavior in myself or others. That’s something very different.



– samsara – beliefs, velcro, identifications…..
– already awareness, love
— is awareness + love (as what we are)
— is there to protect the imagined self, is from love (in an ordinary sense, as who we are, very human side)


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