Thank you for protecting me

I notice that fatigue and brain fog sometimes still feels wrong, a problem, or even an enemy.

So I can hold satsang with it.

You are welcome here.

Thank you for protecting me.

Thank you for your love for me.

What would satisfy you forever?

What are you really?

This helps heal my relationship to it.

From perceiving it as a problem, there is a shift to befriending it, see how it protects (the imagined) me, and see it as love…. confused love.

For instance, I see how the fatigue and brain fog protects the imagined self by allowing it to rest, and even isolate and not be out there in the (potentially dangerous) world. That may not be why the fatigue or brain fog is there, but it is one of the functions it serves.

Wishing to protect me comes from love, confused love.

What would satisfy it forever is wordless, although translated into words it’s being intentionally allowed, held in quite presence, recognized as love, held in love.

What it really is, is also wordless, although can be translated into awareness, presence, even love.

It can be welcomed, because it’s already allowed – by presence and love.

And really, this is not a formula and there is no destination. It’s a quiet curiosity. What happens if I welcome it? Is it true it’s not already welcomed? What happens if I thank it for protecting me? Is it true it’s not here to protect me? What happens if I thank it for its love? Is it true it’s not already love? What would genuinely satisfy it forever? What is it really?


– fatigue
– thank you for protecting me (keeps me safe, resting, isolated, not out there in the world)
– thank you for your love for me
– shift relationship to it from (a) resistance, problem, enemy to (b) befriend, gratitude, see it as love (confused love)
– healing my relationship to it


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