Throwing away the umbrella in the rain

Throwing away the umbrella in a rainstorm because you are dry. 

That’s one of the things we do when we lose perspective.

One example is vaccinations. We live in a society where several illnesses are rare, much because of vaccinations. So a chain of events sometimes happen: People benefit from living in this situation. They think they don’t need to vaccinate their kids. And the illnesses return. (I am aware of some of the concerns about vaccines, and share many of them. But for me, the solution is not to discard vaccines altogether. It’s rather to improve the safety of vaccines, and reduce or remove the influence of money on policy decisions.)

Another is libertarians, and even economic neoliberalism. In our society, we benefit amazingly and in innumerable ways from socially conscious policies implemented over the last few generations. (Often through great social struggles.) And again, a chain of events take place: People benefit from these policies, often in ways they are not even aware of or think about. They think they don’t need these policies, and perhaps only see the cost. So they support changing or removing these policies. Which in turn may have dramatic consequences for certain groups of people, and society as a whole. (It may even harm the ones who supported the changes.)

In Norway these days, we see the latter among those who support FrP…..


– throwing away the umbrella in the rain, bc are dry
– vaccines, and also neoliberalism / libertarians
– libertarians, benefit from all the social policies in place, and put in place over the most recent generations, think they did it themselves (?), and wants to throw it away
– either don’t consider those after them, or that they themselves still need/benefit from those policies now or in the near future (or may need them in the future)
– policies created a society where they could do well, and now want to do away with them


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