Time doesn’t exist?

I saw someone on Facebook (one of the teachers from Center for Sacred Sciences) say “or perhaps time doesn’t exist at all?”.

If that’s they case, why not throw away your calendar? 😉

Saying that time doesn’t exist is as misleading as saying it does exist. It does and doesn’t, in different ways.

It can be another place for identification to land, another story we are trying to find a sense of safety through by holding it as true, or even a “final” truth.

To me, it seems much more accurate to say that it’s unfindable. When I look for time, I find words, images and sensations, and none of those are “time”. I cannot find time outside of these words, images and sensations. (And if I look for words, images and sensations in this way, I cannot find them either…..!)

I still have images and words relating to time, and I use them to organize my life in an ordinary and everyday sense. But I still cannot find an actual, real “time” when I look for it.

And unfindable is not the same as “doesn’t exist”.

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