Culture, forgetting, and resistance

In our culture, we have learned to resist what we label discomfort, whether it’s physical pain, emotional pain, unease, or something else.

And with “our culture” I mean most, or perhaps all?, human cultures these days.

It’s so pervasive that it may seem inevitable, as the only option, but it’s not. We can learn a different approach, as individuals. We can learn to do the opposite, and see what happens. And from there, it’s easy to imagine a culture where doing the opposite is the norm.

Meeting what’s here. Resting with it. Welcoming it. Thanking it. Finding love for it.

Also, in most or all human cultures, we learn to forget who and what we are. We learn to pretend we don’t know. Here too, we can do the opposite as individuals, and imagine a culture where that’s the norm. We can remember the wholeness of who we are, of our human side. And we can live in remembrance of  what we are, that which all – our whole field of experience – happens within and as….. that which a though may label awakeness, or awareness, or love, or life, or Spirit, or the Divine.



– culture
– learn resistance + what to resist (physical/emotional pain, discomfort etc.)
– also, learn it’s good to forget, or pretend we don’t know, what we are


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