End or ongoing

Some say awakening is an “end”, and others say it’s ongoing.

Both may be correct, in their own way.

When awakeness awakens to itself, or emptiness awakens to itself, it can feel like an “end”. The apparent “bottom” of what we are notices and recognizes itself as all there is.

At the same time, the way this is expressed in and experienced as form continues and is ongoing. The way it’s lived in our life continues to mature, unfold and deepen. Our immediate experiences – in words, images, sensations, sight, taste, smell – continues and is ongoing (at least as long as this body is here). The way the universe and this Earth and humanity evolves is ongoing.

And it’s even possible that a deeper “bottom” will continues to reveal itself to itself, so that may be ongoing as well. Life may reveal itself to itself in its fullness, as all there is. Then as “emptiness” or capacity for all there is. Then as both. And also in its many facets, such as clarity, love, or the divine feminine (fertile darkness). And I am sure there is much more, either in layers or facets, that I am not yet familiar with.

So in one sense there is an “end”, and in another it’s ongoing.

Note: To me, it has always seemed ongoing, even when the fullness or emptiness reveals itself to itself. The form aspect of life is ongoing, while also happening within and as the timeless and “complete”.

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