Holding in presence

The simplest form of healing or befriending – or perhaps curiosity – may be to hold something in presence.

Rest. Allow what’s here to be here. Notice it’s already allowed. Notice sensations. Words. Images. Sounds.

Bring to mind a person or people, or your body, or a body symptom, or anything else.

Rest with this image and the sensations it brings up.

Mini-inquiry. If attention is drawn into words and stories, look at these words as words and letters. Ask some simple questions about them. (Are the words in themselves a threat? Is there a command in them to….?)

Return to resting with the image and the sensations it brings up. Look at the image(s), feel the sensations, in – or as – presence.

Note: Some examples of questions: “I made a mistake.” Look at those words and letters. Are they, in themselves, a mistake? Are they, in themselves, a threat?



– holding in presence
– people, body etc.
– look at images + feel sensations, rest in it
– if drawn into words/stories, can look at them, ask simple question(s)
– then back to presence, rest, look at images + feel sensations


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