Scott Kiloby: Body Contraction Exercise

1. Start by feeling the contracted energy as yourself, without thoughts.  Do not try to stand outside of it and witness it from awareness.  Feel it fully.  Without thoughts means without words on it or with a quiet mind. If your mind cannot quiet enough to feel that energy directly, use the Living Inquiries to relax some of the stories in the mind that are pulling your attention away from the contracted energy.

2. As you are feeling the contraction, look for any shapes or mental pictures on or near it. Sometimes there is a picture or shape on the energy itself. As you are looking at that shape or mental picture, continue resting as that sensation while looking at the shape or picture.  If there are no shapes or pictures on the energy, simply feel the contraction gently by itself.

3. As you are feeling the energy and noticing any shape or picture, say to the contraction, “Thank you for arising, I love you, stay as long as you like.”  This helps quiet the resistance to the contraction.  After saying this phrase, rest and let the energy and any pictures or shapes be as they are for a bit (10 to 30 seconds).

4. Tap seven times with the ends of two fingers in each of the following places in order: right between the eyebrows, right next to one eye where the eye meets the temple, right under the same eye at the top of that cheek bone, and then right at the base of the neck at the top of the collarbone.  Finally, tap seven times right where the contraction is.  For example, if the contraction is in the stomach, tap seven times there.

5. Grab one wrist with the other hand. Take a deep and long inhale and then a deep and long exhale.

6. Rest and be aware of the present space within and outside your body, as one space.  Do nothing at this point.  Just let the contraction merge with the space.

7. Notice how the contraction feels. Is it denser?  Has it relaxed?

8. Go back to the beginning and repeat steps 1 through 7 until the contraction has released or has substantially dissolved.

– Scott Kiloby from Tier One Body Contraction Exercise 1: Tapping

Read the full article at his website, and also related articles that gives some context. Also, feel free to contact me to explore this further. I am a certified Living Inquiry facilitator.

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