Why welcome it

Why welcome what’s here? Why welcome any experience? Any words, images, sensations, sounds? Why welcome the experience of emotional and physical pain (when it’s already here)? Why rest with and allow our experience here and now, as it is?

I see a few reasons:

(a) Closer alignment with reality, with what’s already happening. It’s already allowed by life, mind and awareness.

(b) Pragmatic. It gives less discomfort, and can open for a new enjoyment.

(c) As an experiment. From curiosity. To see what happens. To do something different. (If what we have tried, and learned from parents and culture, gives distress, why not try something different? Why not try the opposite? If battling it doesn’t work, why not try welcoming it?)

(d) Because it’s what happens, it’s where life moves.



– you are welcome here – to any experience (words, images, sensations etc.)
– (a) alignment with reality, (b) less discomfort, pragmatic, (c) experiment, curiosity, try something different (the opposite of what we have learned from parents/culture), see what happens, (d) b/c it happens, it’s where life moves
– b/c is already allowed (by life, mind, awareness)
– b/c is here to protect the imagined me (reactive emotions, pain etc.)
– b/c is from love (protection = love)
– b/c

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