Inquiry and Deep Ecology

There are many topics I don’t address here, mainly because what comes to me to say about it seems too obvious or predictable, at least if addressed in a brief blog post. Inquiry and deep ecology is one of them.

I also realize that by writing about it, I may uncover things that I wasn’t initially aware of. Or, engaging with the topic with curiosity may plant a seed that reveals something to me later.

How does inquiry connect with deep ecology?

One approach would be to look for…..

A boundary between me and the wider world, nature, the universe.

A boundary between me and nonhuman species, and future generations.

Me, nonhuman species, future generations, Earth, the universe.

Can I find any of these boundaries? Can I find it, outside of words, images, sensations?

Can I find what stops me from acting on behalf of nonhuman species, ecosystems, and future generations? Can I find the fear, lethargy?

Can I find a command to act, or not to act?

And so on. (Living Inquiries.) I can also identify and question any stressful thoughts, or any assumptions, I have on any of these topics. (The Work.)

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  1. I just found out about your posts and was interested in subscribing; but both your “rss” link on the bottom of your page as the “subscribe” button on the right don’t work properly… Thanks for looking into that!

  2. Thank you. I am afraid the technical side of this blog has been neglected for a while, and the footer disappeared a while ago. I am thinking of looking for a new theme, which will also make it more reader friendly.

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