Scott Kiloby: The Present Moment

I was told in a million different ways when growing up that the present moment was not enough . .  .

that heaven was a far away place experienced only after death and only available if I lived a good life

that tomorrow will always be better, holding open the possibility of hope and the sense that something is not quite right now

that if I eat this or do that, I will look better and people will like me more

that if I study hard enough, I will be respected and valued tomorrow more than I am today

that sometime later I will meet my perfect lover and live happily ever after

that feelings arising now are bad and should be changed or avoided, so that better feelings can come later

that the past is who I am and the future is who I will become – there seemed like no place for the present to be what or who I am

that, if I got a job and worked hard and made lots of money, I would become happy later and have more value as a human being.

that if I change the way I am and how I behave, more people will love, acknowledge and accept me

that if I take this medication, drink this drink or eat this food, the next moment will feel better

I have been filled with these lies my whole life.

This moment holds it all – everything is here, including thoughts of the past and future. I have everything I need. Everything is perfectly in place – the good, the bad and the neutral.

To want more than what is isn’t even possible anyway, because “more” is a thought happening now.

I am what I am right now. I am however I show up. There is nothing to improve upon. The very notion of improving would merely lead me back into chasing the false promises of future, which have never satisfied.

I know that I am happy because I am breathing, thinking, feeling and that I am aware. This is enough. Totally enough. Perfect actually.

Dear world, take your lies somewhere else. I have lost interest in them

– Scott Kiloby, The Present Moment

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