Shortcuts are not always short

I listened to Radio Adyashanti from last night, and he mentioned that shortcuts are not always short.

That too fits my experience. Shortcuts may work, to some extent, but they may also come with consequences that takes time and energy to deal with and sort out.

A sense of hurry is very understandable, and it can also be good to meet that sense of urgency with presence, love and curiosity. What does it want? What would make it satisfied forever? Does it come from a sense of deficiency? How is it to meet that sense of deficiency with love?

My main example of a long and winding shortcut is diksha. I tried it initially because it seemed harmless enough, and I was curious about the effects. It did lead to a clear state of “no self”, followed by collapse, CFS, and a great deal of turmoil. It’s taken a good deal of time and energy to relate to this, and finding healing.


– adya, radio adyashanti dec 10, 2014
– fits my experience, comes with consequences that takes time/energy to deal with
– example: tried diksha, and got CFS, collapse, and a process that seemed “out of control”

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