If this was a movie….

If this was a movie, what would be the meaning of this?

If you were the director, what would you change? How would you write the sequel?

 These are excellent questions from a conversation I recently had with Bonnie G.

From an email BG sent me:

We had been speaking of how everything had been pulled out from under you.  I asked if this were a movie you were watching what would you think was the meaning of this?  You might also wonder if you were the director what would you change, or how would you write the sequel?

As she says, I feel that the rug has been repeatedly pulled out from under me over the last few years. Things seem to fall into place, and then it all falls away. (In just about any area of life….)

If this was a movie, what would the meaning be?

To find clarity, and mature as a human being.

And in more detail: To find trust in life, independent of circumstances. To question old ideas of how life should be. To see that things work out, even if it’s not the way I hoped or wished for. To see that it may even work out better. To see that others are there for me. To let go of the idea of being hardcore self-reliant, and instead ask for and receive support. To get closer to my family. To get out of situations I see – and saw – were not right for me, or completely right for me. To see what’s left. To find love for my experience, even when my thoughts say it’s uncomfortable. To question my thoughts, when they tell me it’s terrible and something even more terrible will happen.

How would I write the sequel?

He uses what’s happening to find clarity, and mature as a human being. He lives a life of service…. to love, truth, his experience, life. He grows through these experiences. He finds a more genuine humility, and kinship with others and all life. He is receptive to what life offers, and open to opportunities that comes his way – even if it doesn’t look exactly as he earlier had planned or wished for.

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