Is it true this experience has to go away?

Sometimes, when I notice discomfort, and a wish for this experience to go away, and may ask myself:

Is it true this experience has to go away? 

Or…. Is it true it’s overwhelming? Is it true it’s too much? Is it true I need to escape?

Or even… Is it true it’s discomfort? Is it true it’s pain?

This is just a little nudge. An invitation for the mind to shift a bit in relation to the experience that’s here.

And the reality is a little different. Simple. Yet also with wrinkles and other elements.

In practice, I notice the impulse to move away from it, and instead feel it. Drop into the feeling. Allowing it. Allowing all of it – the feeling,  the impulse to move away from it, the wish to do the opposite. Notice it’s all already allowed. All content of experience is already allowed.

I may also say: You are welcome here. Thank you for protecting me. I love you.

And I notice images and words connected with the feeling. Sometimes just looking at them, until they perhaps fade, and sometimes asking simple questions about them to help me see that they are images and words.

The center is feeling what’s here, simply, as it is. And the rest are just occasional aids to allow a simple feeling.

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