Some podcasts I listen to regularly:

Science Friday (NPR)

Witness (BBC)

This American Life (WBEZ)

Big Picture Science (SETI Institute)

Science Weekly (The Guardian)

Science in Action (BBC)

The World in Words (PRI)

A Way With Words

The History of English (Kevin Stroud)

Planetary Radio (Planetary Society)

And in Norwegian:

Språkteigen (NRK)

Museum (NRK)

Ekko (NRK)

Some I listen to now & then:

NRK Gull (NRK)

To The Best of Our Knowledge (PRI)

The Larry Meiller Show (WPR)

From Our Own Correspondent (BBC)

Documentaries (BBC)

Språket i P1 (Sveriges Radio)

Studio 360 (PRI)

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me (NPR)

The Work of Byron Katie

Buddha at the Gas Pump

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