Waking up vs healing

Again, this is perhaps obvious, but also worth to notice and explore.

There is a difference between waking up, and healing.

Waking up is a recognition of what we are, that which this experience happens within and as. It can happen as a major and obvious shift, and it can happen in smaller ways over and over, and sometimes one and then the other. This awakening can happen through simple inquiry, or prayer, or different forms of meditation, or another practice, or even out of the blue.

Healing is a healing of who we are, this human being. This healing can happen through all of the ways we are familiar with…. therapy, bodywork, trauma work, and more. Mainly, it happens through love, often supported by some form of inquiry.

Awakening can support healing, and healing can support awakening.

Awakening can make it easier to find love for ourselves, and for our experience and life as it is.

And healing can make it easier for what we are to notice itself, since there are less wounds and trauma being triggered which easily brings in re-identification.

And awakening without healing, or healing without awakening, will always (?) feel a little incomplete.

Awakening without healing may still mean a life where wounds and trauma comes up, are triggered, and even lived from in a reactive way.

Healing without awakening may leave a sense of something missing, because something is missing. The recognition of what we really are, is missing.

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