What is a thought ?

Thoughts. They seem very real. What they refer to may not be real, or may not be as the thought says it is, but the thought itself must be real?

What do I find when I look at thoughts?

I find that a thought may be an image. Or it may be a sound (a word or words) with associated images, for instance one or more images that the sounds refer to, and perhaps an image of the letters making up the word or words.

These may appear connected with certain sensations. And these sensations may lend a sense of reality and solidity to the images and/or words. The stronger sensations, and the stronger the sensations seem connected with the images and words, the stronger the sense of charge associated with the thought. This charge may appear to mean that what the thought refers to – or the thought itself – is real, important, good, bad, that I like it, or dislike it.

It can be helpful to notice this. Look at the images and/or words. Listen to the sounds. Feel the sensations. Perhaps ask simple questions about each, to clarify what’s really there. (And what is not.)

Seeing what’s really there, and feeling what’s really there, can be very freeing. It gives more freedom around the thought. I can relate to it with a little more clarity and intention.

Also, can I find a thought outside of these images, words, sounds, and sensations? Can I find a real thing called a thought?

Taking this further, I can explore images, words, sounds and sensations. Can I really find each of these, as a solid and real object? As they initially appear to me?


initial notes…. 

– sounds + images (of what the sounds refer to, and perhaps also the words/letters)
– sometimes, associated with a sensation – lending it a sense of reality, solidity (if little or no sensation, then little or no charge associated with the thought, more free around it)
– can be helpful to notice…. sounds, images, sensations…. look at each one, feel the sensations, ask simple questions about some of them
– can I find a real thing called a thought? can I find it outside of these sounds, images, sensations?


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