Adyashanti: The all-is-wellness of life is the foundation of wise and loving action

Q: My mind constantly discounts the relevance of everyday things, such as work, relationship, joy and love. It uses a deep sense that “all is well” to reject their significance.

This rejection has brought much confusion and suffering to my life, yet I continue to live from it. Can you offer some direction?

Adya: The idea, as well as the direct experience, that “all is well” can be used to hide from the many challenges of life, both individually and collectively. If the insight into the all-is-wellness of life is genuine, the wellness of life becomes the foundation from which you fearlessly and lovingly engage in life. It is not something that you hide behind. It’s about fearless and joyous participation, not rejection and denial.

If you can feel directly into the all-is-wellness of life right now, you may notice that it is fearless and loving. It is the foundation of wise and loving action, as well as appreciation.

With Great Love,

~ Adyashanti

– from the Q&A section of The Way of Liberating Insight study course

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