Adyshanti: Allow the light of being to set suffering free

Q. What should I do if an old painful memory arises during meditation?

Adyashanti: Old memories, hurts, fears, angers, resentments, etc., can arise in meditation. Simply allow them to arise without resisting, analyzing, judging, or denying them. Just watch them without getting involved.

See that they do not define who you are.

They are pockets of unconsciousness arising to be purified in the light of awareness and released from your system. Allow the light of being to set suffering free.

– Adyashanti, The Way of Liberation

Yes. That’s the general pointer. Rest with what’s here. Allow the light of being to set suffering free.

Sometimes, it can seem difficult to do. Which is where simple inquiry can be helpful, and make it easier to rest with what’s here. At times, other supportive practices  or some supportive practices –  – can also be helpful.

It’s important to not give up too soon. To not skip to the supportive practices right away, without setting an intention to rest with what’s here, and giving it an honest attempt. And it’s equally important to notice when inquiry or these supportive practices can be helpful. That’s where experience comes in. It does becomes more clear with experience.

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