Awakening humanity?

Some folks think that humanity is in an awakening process.

Here are some things that come up for me around it:

Behind this is an assumption that humanity is not already awakened. That may be partly true, and partly not so true. We are – and all life, and everything – is already awake. We are awareness already. (And obviously so, when we look or notice.) At the same time, if we don’t recognize this, if it’s temporarily covered up by the distractions and drama of identifications, we can say that we are not quite awake. We are awake, without knowing it. Or, more precisely, the attention of awareness is temporarily absorbed in the drama of identifications, so it doesn’t recognize itself.

What these folks really wish for is perhaps more people living from kindness, and that this is reflected in how we organize ourselves as a society. That doesn’t really require awakening. It only requires a shift in orientation. And that shift may happen through relatively simple things, such as mindfulness in schools, and kids learning basic life skills early on in life – including simple practices such as loving kindness, tonglen, ho’oponopono and similar. (Of course, that requires that enough people – and the right kind of people – recognize the importance of that, prioritize it, and actually implement it.)

Assuming that humanity is in an awakening process looks very much like a projection. There is an awakening happening here, so it fills our awareness, and that makes it look like the world as a whole is awakening.

It may also be wishful thinking. A comforting thought.

If it’s held as a belief, it comes with some drawbacks. It becomes a viewpoint we may feel we need to defend and uphold. It can feel threatening if it’s challenged. It can lead to complacency. It can lead us to think it’s all already taken care of, so we can sit back and let it happen, without actively engaging as we perhaps otherwise would.

For some, it may look like humanity is awakening because of who they are exposed to. They may live in a place where many are interested in these things (for instance the Bay Area). They may meet likeminded people through workshops, events, or online. And by meeting a number people who are interested in awakening, it is easy to generalize and think that this reflects what’s happening with people other places, and even globally.

Historically, it’s very common for some people to project their hopes and fears “out there” on the world as a whole. Throughout history, groups of people have expected something very good (or very bad) to happen shortly, on a grand scale. Thinking that humanity is awakening may be just the flavor of the month (or half century) of this pattern.

It is also possible that something like this is really happening. And that would be a question partly for science and research. There are more people in the world than ever before, so even if the percentage of people who live in awakening is the same as before, the absolute number will be higher. Also, helpful information, pointers, and teachings are more openly available than before. It may also happen for other reasons.


Initial notes…..

– assume isn’t already awake (which are, obviously, but often don’t recognize it, temporarily covered up by the drama of identifications)
– what really want is kindness, live in a more kind way
– may be a projection of what’s here, the awakening happening here
– may also be wishful thinking
– and may look that way b/c live in a place where many are interested in this, or connected to likeminded people through workshops, events, online etc.
– historically, a very common pattern – to put our fears/hopes “out there” on the world, and expect something very good (or very bad) to happen shortly, on a grand scale
– also, adult development, spiral dynamics etc., do perhaps see a maturing of people in relatively peaceful/affluent societies

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